Home for good business

Enköping brings you closer to business success. Here decisions are made a little quicker. Public officials are easier to reach. All this while offering a central location for your business, with direct access to both Sweden and your market abroad.

Bild på en kvinna i grön klädsel som håller i en blomkruka.

A place for growth

Enköping is an exceptionally good place for companies that want to grow. It is a vibrant business community with over 5,100 active companies. In Enköping we do everything that we can to support our business community and strong networking culture. Being based here also means that you are close to colleges and universities, notably Uppsala University and Mälardalens University.

Man som står på en flygplats och tittar ut genom fönstret på ett flygplan som lyfter.

Next-door neighbor to Arlanda Airport

Reach Sweden’s biggest airport Arlanda within an hour, as well as the flights at Bromma Stockholm Airport. The city of Enköping is situated right by E18, as well as the national highways 55 and 70. It a natural hub, connecting markets both domestic and international.

Foto på en grön yta i naturen med väggar runt om.

A green city

In 2020, Enköping signed the Climate City Contract 2030. It is a joint effort together with other municipalities, authorities and the Viable Cities initiative. We are also creating Myran, Enköping’s largest urban development project. A climate-neutral center for trade, business and housing.

Foto på en ung kvinna som står inne i brödboden Fabian Flink.

Work and live in Enköping

Enköping is a place for business to thrive. Here the distances are a little shorter. Instead of car ques and rush hour traffic, we let you experience free time in nature, with Mälaren just around the corner. Here you and your employees have access to good schools, libraries, sport facilities and a lot more.

Bild på Godmorgon Enköping logotypen

Networking culture

We have a strong networking culture. Why not use this as an opportunity to connect, find business partners and maybe even new customers? A good idea is to visit "Good morning Enköping", with networking, breakfast and guests in a perfect mix.

Modellbild på fastigheten Genesta logistikcenter.

Establishing your business in Enköping

We are highly digital and easy to get hold of. Perfect when you want to move fast. Our “One Way In” concept is a good example of that – offering one point of contact when dealing with the municipality. We can also set up a meeting with several administrators at the same time – free of charge.

Foto på Anna Holmström, näringslivschef. I bakgrunden syns resten av näringslivsavdelningen.

Happy to help

Interested in making Enköping the home for your business? Please reach out to us. We are happy to help any way we can. Our business department offers good ways to get started in Enköping:

  • Anna Holmström, Director of Business Developmenet
  • Thomas Adlercreutz, Marketing Developer
  • Charlotta Stenberg, Business Coordinator
  • Emelie Bärgård, Business Coordinator
  • Sofia Ohlsson, Business Developer

Just pick up the phone or send us an email. You can reach us at (+4600) 171-62 80 80 or naringsliv@enkoping.se.